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Welcome to Natural Medicine Devon Based in Totnes and Exeter, South Devon, The Centre for Natural Medicine is dedicated to practising holistic and complementary medicine. Our treatments include:

Bioresonance - a German technology which uses therapeutic frequency patterns working with the body's own regulatory system. Ten years ago, a doctor in Poland applied the basic allergy inversion principle of bio-resonance treatment, to working with nicotine addiction with his patients. His results were astounding.

Blood tests for Lyme Disease - Treatment using holistic and complimentary therapy.

Homoeopathy - A gentle and effective treatment useful for physical and mental problems.

Bowen Technique - A drug-free, non-invasive, hands-on remedial therapy suitable for misalignments, spinal problems, sciatica, migranes etc.

Light Therapy - A treatment that promotes healing. Suitable for wounds, burns, excema, psoriasis, SAD etc.

Treatment for Allergies - More people worldwide are suffering from allergies than ever before. The allergic reaction is the body’s way of coping. Bioresonance can help identify and alleviate symptoms.

PLEASE NOTE: Bicom Bioresonance should not be used as an alternative to seeking medical advice.

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How can we help you? Our treatments and therapies can be used for a range of allergies, addictions and ailments.
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Upstairs at St Marys Coffee Shop in Paignton town centre

Bioresonance uses bio-energetic testing and therapeutic procedures that use resonance patterns or frequencies to identify problems and adjust the bodies energy patterns…

A selection of Sausage Rolls, Pasties and other hot snacks.

Recognised throughout Europe as an effective and inexpensive medicine. Acknowledged by the World Health Organisation, Homoeopathy is gentle…

One of our 'On the premises' sandwiches
Lyme Disease

We offer bio-energetic testing of, and therapy for Lyme disease (Borreliosis) using Bionic 880 biophoton therapy. This is standard therapy in many practices…

A traditional wedding cake made on the premises

More people worldwide are suffering from allergies than ever before. The allergic reaction is the body’s way of coping. Bioresonance can help identify and help to alleviate allergies…

A pork pie dish from our buffet selection
Bowen Technique

Soft tissue therapy used for treating for backache, misalignments, spinal problems, sciatica, migraines and much, much more…

A selection of bread we sell in the shop
Light Therapy

Light Therapy is used for healing wounds, excema, psoriasis, SAD (Seasonal Affective Disorder) and burns. Light therapy promotes healing…

Natural Medicine Devon is not a substitute for your regular health care practitioner who should always be consulted about your condition.