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Juliet Wilson, holistic therapist

Juliet’s interest in holistic, or complementary medicine started after nursing her father through a terminal illness when she was just 19. This led to a quest to find treatments for herself, and then her children, that took into account the whole self; Body, Mind and Spirit. She has since then been dedicated to practising holistic medicine; now qualified in Biioresonance EAV, Homoeopathy, Bowen Therapy and Light Therapy. Juliet approaches each patient with an open mind and uses the therapy most suited to the patient and the symptoms.

Qualifications and Training

Electro-acupuncture according to Dr. Voll, MD and complex homoeopathy. Trained with Dr Elizabeth Grund.

Homoeopathy Diploma of Homoeopathy (Fellowship of Homoeopaths and affiliated with the Martindale Trust.

Bowen therapy Academy of Australia. BTAA.

Taught Bowen Therapy over a period of several weeks to Physiotherapist/ Medical doctors in Romania at the main orthopaedic hospital in Bucharest in 2007.

Bioresonance Trainings with IMU college Germany.

23/27th June 2013: Cross link test technique Key Seminar. The logic of the human cybernetic feedback systems.

13/16th April 2013: Bioenergetic/ Biophysical Test methods Electro Acupuncture according to Dr Voll (EAV), Bio tensor & Kinesiology.

16/19th November 2013: Biophysics (Quantum Physics) Electromagnetic pollution, Geopathic stress, Purification and detoxification of the system Kidney Bladder and Lower abdomen. Vaccination toxins Re-toxic childhood diseases.

21/22 November: Diagnosis of focal toxicoses Odontogenic focus.

Non-odontogenic focus, Coupled focus, Therapy systematic for focal toxicoses.

Amalgam cleanup.

6/9th July 2014: Crossed linked test technique Advanced Seminar.

Module RD Yin Yan polarity Rhythms of Life, Metabolism, Intestines Mycosis and parasites.

5/7th July Allergies, Comparison of different Bioresonance protocols, Diagnosis and treatment for Geopathic stress and EMF stress.

Practice oriented Therapy and Effective Allergy Treatment January 2015 Hampton Court London.

Workshop Bicom Optima/2000 Individual Frequency for Acute conditions January 2015 Hampton Court London.

DIAGNOSIS AND THERAPY OF DEGENERATED CELLS 25th September 2015 Ambleside Bio-resonance Institute Accredited Training • Institute.

WORKSHOP ON TUMOUR SUPPORT USING BICOM BIO-RESONANCE BICOM Ambleside Bioresonance Institute Accredited Training Institute.

WORKSHOP ON BICOM COMBINED TEST TECHNIQUE May 2015 Ambleside Bioresonance Institute Accredited Training Institute.


Bioresonance Institute Accredited Training Institute.

THERAPY SYSTEMATIC ACCORDING TO SISSY KARZ JANUARY 2016 Hampton Court Bioresonance Institute Accredited Training Institute.

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