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Bioresonance Therapy for Addiction

Ten years ago, a doctor in Poland applied the basic allergy inversion principle of bio-resonance treatment, to working with nicotine addiction with his patients. His results were astounding.

How does this work?

Using BICOM bioresonance therapy, the frequency pattern of nicotine in the body is inverted back to the body as a mirror image. This produces what is called a phase cancellation. This helps the body to dispense with the memory of nicotine and returns it to its original state prior to addiction. As a result, the body’s detoxification system is stimulated to eliminate nicotine and the associated cigarette toxins through the kidneys and skin. This means that you are less likely to crave alternatives that are usually associated with smokers trying to quit. Worldwide, thousands of people have successfully given up smoking using BICOM bioresonance therapy. It is the easiest and most natural way and does not require the use of patches, needles, hypnosis or any other smoking cessation aid.

E cigarettes are still a health concern as inhaling hot vapour into your lungs several times a day is unnatural for sensitive tissue and may lead to a predisposition to respiratory infection including pneumonia.

This method for stopping smoking now has an 80 percent success rate as compared to a 6 percent success rate with patches.

Telegraph Journalist Article


See the video below

A TV programme that highlighted the use of Bioresonance in the treatment of smoking addiction.

Illustration showing cell structure of nicotine addiction Two fingers with faces holding a cigarette

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