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Allergy Therapy

“More people worldwide are suffering from allergies than ever before. The allergic reaction is the body’s way of coping.
Bioresonance can help identify and alleviate symptoms.”

The Bio-resonance method has become a well-known effective therapy in Germany and Mainland Europe. This is attributable for the fact that the number of people suffering from allergies has been steadily increasing for years. Many patients are disappointed in the options available.

Bicom Bioresonance has been used in mainland Europe (particularly Germany) for over 20 years as an allergy therapy. The therapy is painless and without any harmful side-effects using the Bicom device.

According to Dr. med. Rummel of Karlsruhe, allergies can play a central role with many chronic conditions. Dr. Rummel has summarised these conditions as follows in what is known as the group of allergic disorders:

Illustration showing how allergies affect the body

Allergy testing and treatment

We test using Bioresonance and EAV to identify the allergen and then gradually desensitise the body. Treatment is non invasive and painless, suitable for babies as well as adults.

The first session is to identify the primary allergens then use bioresonance therapy as treatment. With food allergens it may be necessary to remove them from your diet during the treatment period.

Types as allergens

Food & drink allergies
Pollen allergies
Mould allergies
Pet allergies
Skin contact allergies
Allergies to insect bites

Foods that many people have allergic reactions to

Study of Bioresonance treatment

Dr Peter Schumacher Bicom Bioresonance therapy has an excellent history of successful long lasting allergy effectiveness following Paediatrician Dr Peter Schumacher’s scientific trial of 200 children. Of their collection of symptoms that were caused by allergies, 83% were eliminated, 11% improved, showing an overall success of 94%. Further studies in China have resulted in yet more scientifically proven allergy success with trials of over 2,000 patients.


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