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What is Bicom Bioresonance?

It is a German technology that helps restore the body to health.

Many disorders or so called syndromes seem to have no known cause and the patient can have a lifetime of feeling unwell. Often the cause is multi-faceted and Bioresonance is able to identify the underlying stresses and help to eliminate them.

The BICOM device is able to separate the HEALTHY resonance information from the UNHEALTHY resonance frequencies, strengthening the former and ‘inverting’ (weakening) the latter.

What actually happens is more complicated, but the ‘inverted’ wave cancels the harmful wave that was stressing the body’s energetic system. You can see this effect at the beach where a wave reflected from a rock flattens the next incoming wave. The same electronic principle is used in noise-cancelling headphones for use on aircraft.

Bioresonance treatment illustration

What to expect during therapy

Therapy is gentle, non-invasive and typically lasts sixty to ninety minutes.

This gentle therapy is suitable for adults, children and babies. It works by using the principle of resonance or oscillation to carry the information of harmonious frequency to the body. Pathological frequency is “inverted” in order to reduce the stresses in the body and in so doing assists the body to reduce its toxin or stress load, thus restoring the self-regulation healing of the body.

The whole experience is painless and relaxing and non-invasive.

Bio-energetic testing

With a special, painless test procedure the therapist finds out whether any intolerances are present, whether certain organs are weakened and whether toxic substances are having a negative effect on the body. In this way, the underlying causes of complaints can in many cases be discovered very quickly.


During therapy with the Bicom device, electrodes are placed on the patient who sits or lies down in a relaxed position. A session usually lasts between 30 and 60 minutes. Therapy is a pleasant experience for the patient and is completely painless.

The aim of therapy is to counteract those factors causing the problems in the body and so encourage the response of the immune system. The number of therapies required depends on a number of factors.

The BICOM bioresonance technology has been in the process of development over the last three decades by the Regumed institute. The technology not only has a large number of case studies from therapists and patients, which provides evidence of the effective use of bioresonance, but is also backed by research studies. The case study and research findings from many medical practitioners and naturopaths have been programmed into the Bicom bioresonance device over the years for the use of current practitioners.

Many disorders or so called syndromes seem to have no known cause and the patient may have a lifetime of feeling unwell. Often the cause is multi-faceted and the BICOM bioresonance device can identify the underlying stresses and help to eliminate them. Suitable for the whole family.

bicom bioresonance machine used for treating ailmements like addiction

When It All Becomes Too Much

Imagine the body as an empty barrel at birth. Then, with each contact with stressing substances in the environment, a little more is added to the barrel. The regulatory mechanisms in our bodies can usually prevent the barrel from overflowing by processing and eliminating the stressors but in some people, the barrel overflows and the result is illness.

How does BICOM bioresonance therapy work?

Discoveries made in quantum physics have revealed that particles of matter share the characteristics of both waves and particle. This means that cells in our body, as well as viruses, bacteria, pollen and toxins must therefore emit electromagnetic oscillations. All substances have their own specific oscillation or frequency. This is known as a ‘frequency’ pattern which can be detected by a Bicom bioresonance device:

Illustration showing how bicom bioresonance works

Today, there are over 15,000 BICOM devices in use in 80 countries worldwide, used by both medical practitioners in private practice and by naturopaths and homoeopaths. BICOM bioresonance therapy is used widely in a German-speaking countries, the Netherlands, UK, Australia and New Zealand as a complimentary therapy. Many Asian countries now use the BICOM bioresonance device, particularly in China, where scientific studies have been undertaken.

Concepts of Illness

As recently as the mid-1800s, people had no realistic ideas about the origins of illness. Then, following the work of Louis Pasteur, Robert Koch and others, the “germ theory” of medicine was accepted, based on the idea that a specific germ causes the same disease in all patients under all conditions. However, a respected contemporary of Pasteur’s, the physician Jacques Antoine Bechamp, felt the germ theory was oversimplified and argued that diseases were the result of multiple factors unique to each individual’s internal status and external environment. The debate continues to the present day. The multi causal view is well articulated by Hans Seyle MD in his book “The Stress of Life”. These days, we live a hectic, fast-paced life. A vast array of technical appliances, incredibly fast means of transport and communication and any amount of processed foods and chemical products make our everyday lives so much easier. The technology we have today could barely have been imagined 50 or 60 years ago. However, as much as we enjoy all this, some of us are paying a price for it!

Cell Communication and Professor Fritz-Albert Popp

Prof. Fritz-Albert Popp detected electromagnetic oscillation patterns emitted by cells in the form of light particles or quanta (photons). According to his investigations, these electromagnetic oscillation patterns are an essential part of cell metabolism. More than 10,000 biochemical reactions take place every second in each cell. These are not chaotic but ordered in a strictly hierarchical system. Chemical or enzymatic reactions would be much too slow for this purpose.

How do the cells in our bodies find the correct information from the billions of pieces of oscillatory information surrounding them? The mystery is ‘resonance’, a concept familiar from music and acoustics.

The BICOM bioresonance device uses these resonance patterns taken either from the body or from ampoules containing the resonance pattern of substances that are stressing the body. Ampoules with supporting harmonious oscillations are also be used to strengthen the body.

Bioresonance therapy is one of a number of procedures including homoeopathy, acupuncture and other naturopathic procedures within the area of empirical healing. This means that patient observations and findings form the basis of this therapy. Unfortunately, patients who have been restored to health are still not considered, within conventional medicine, as providing scientific evidence of the mode of operation or efficacy of a particular therapy.

History and detailed explanation

BICOM bioresonance has been an established proven method of diagnosis and therapy over the last thirty years in Germany.

Over fourteen thousand BICOM bioresonance devices have been sold worldwide, with 7,000 practitioners (doctors and naturopaths) using the device in Germany alone.

Conventional medicine can achieve great things but the therapy of chronic disorders often proves difficult. The causes of chronic diseases often lies hidden, but in order for therapies to be successful these causes need to be found and eliminated.

Our lives are now bombarded by a vast number of chemical substances most of which have been developed since the 1940’s which our physiology is not used to dealing with, and along with viruses, bacteria, fungi, mycotoxins and parasites they can all act as stresses on our system.

Bioresonance is a valuable tool to discover which of these stresses may be the cause of health problems. The Bicom device is able to modulate the stresses while at the same time supporting the body’s own regulatory system.


BIs a system of testing the points on the hands and feet associated with the meridian system. These can be used for identifying imbalances in the body systems including allergies and for identifying disease. We use German technology which is a system that has been in place for over 40 years and used by doctors and naturopaths to treat many different conditions. It is possible with this system to identify substances that may be causing problems for the body and to find out which organ systems need help. The patient simply holds a brass electrode whilst the practitioner places a probe onto certain points on the hands and feet . Homoeopathic remedies and nosodes can be placed within the circuit to help bring balance to the system. This testing procedure is non invasive and painless.

For more technical information about BICOM bioresonance go to: www.reson8.uk.com

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